Exciting Times
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Exciting Times

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Change when you embrace it can be a marvellous thing.  Think about how wonderful it is that the world is changing.  That in this day in age it is becoming more and more acceptable to take non-traditional routes.  Now more than ever before we have more freedom to find paths that make the most sense for us.

In today’s times it is more acceptable to make decisions based on your heart as opposed to what others will think.  It hasn’t always been this way and I feel it is important to take a step back and really soak in how powerful that is.

One can easily find thousands of websites and magazines out there encouraging people to live their dreams.  That kind of support was not always at our finger tips, and I feel incredible fortunate to be living in a time where it now is.  We all need support.  What we have in common as a human race is that we all seek love and acceptance.  How powerful it is that you no longer have to follow a narrow pathway to find just that?

I feel fortunate that as a woman living today I can decide what I want my life to look like.  That power and freedom was not always easy to come by.  I know that often there are many factors that can make living a life of freedom difficult, but think about how many before us struggled through much tougher times with many more expectations.  Today expectations still exist, but we can choose to decide how much attention we give them, and the world is evolving in such a way to support that freedom.

Many countries do not have the freedom that we easily take for granted.  Today and every day it is important for me to remember that instead of focusing on all that is wrong with the world, I can help make the changes I believe in, and focus my energy on the tremendous blessings we do have.

Is there a change in today’s world that is different from your parents’ generation you are particularly grateful for?

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