Celeb Summer Hair:Tousled Tresses
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Celeb Summer Hair:Tousled Tresses

Summer’s almost here and if you’re looking for a new summer ‘do, take a hint from these celebs mommies. Whether you have short hair like Mariska Hargitay, long hair like Isla Fisher, or bangs like Nicole Richie, you too can rock beachy tousled waves.

This style is the perfect relaxed look for summer. It can be flirty and romantic for nighttime or cool and casual for daytime. Tousled tresses are surprisingly easy to style and are totally low-maintenance – perfect for moms on the go!

So how can you get these beachy waves? Next time you step out of the shower, apply a small amount of gel or mousse to your palms, and work the product through your hair, making sure to coat from root to tip. Define individual curls by scrunching and ringing locks around your fingers. Let air dry and voila! With your new summer waves, don’t be surprised if strangers mistake you for a celebrity, too.

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