B.O.B. Recalling Single and Double Stollers
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B.O.B. Recalling Single and Double Stollers

About 337,000 B.O.B.® single and double strollers in the United States and 20,000 in Canada are being recalled because a drawstring on the stroller can get wrapped around a child’s neck, posing a strangulation hazard.

This recall involves the 11 models of B.O.B. single and double strollers shown below. The name B.O.B appears on the cargo basket under the stroller and on the front of the stroller. All of the recalled strollers have a yellow/orange drawstring at the rear of the canopy which is used to gather loose fabric when the canopy is pulled back. Strollers have the serial number either stamped in the frame or on a white label located on the stroller’s rear right leg.

Sport Utility Stroller 12362 – 35107
Serial # ranges: AA00001 – AA025490

Sport Utility Stroller D-Lux 12362 – 35107
Serial # ranges: AB000001 – AB007940

Ironman® 800000 – 803700
Serial # ranges: AC000001- AC027923

Sport Utility Duallie 002001 – 008068
Serial # ranges: AD000001 – AD011252

Ironman® Duallie
Serial # ranges: AE000001 – AE008909

Serial # ranges: AF000001 – AF189112

Revolution 12
Serial # ranges: AK000001 – AK024149

Stroller Strides®
Serial # ranges: AG000001 – AG011163

Revolution Duallie
Serial # ranges: AH000001 – AH072921

Revolution Duallie 12
Serial # ranges: AL000001 – AL012657

Stroller Strides® Duallie
Serial # ranges: AM000001 – AM003229

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