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Jamie Lee Curtis On Her Addiction to Pain Killers and Jackson's

Jamie Lee Curtis wrote in her blog for The Huffington Post that she was addicted to pain medication and discusses Michael Jackson’s death and abuse of pain killers.

The actress, and mother of two, does not agree with the explanation that Jackson’s addiction to pain medication started with the burns he sustained from the 1984 Pepsi commercial shoot. Instead she writes, “…The pain he suffered was from his birth, from his being and becoming the commodity… Few children, put into the intense focus of their precious youth being marketed for other’s pleasure, come out unscathed and with any sense of mental balance.”

Curtis explains that “Listen, I can relate. I too found painkillers after a routine cosmetic surgical procedure and I too became addicted, the morphine becomes the warm bath from which to escape painful reality. I was a lucky one. I was able to see that the pain had started long ago and far away and that finding the narcotic was merely a matter of time…”

She said that “My recovery from drug addiction is the single greatest accomplishment of my life.”

Curtis is married to actor Christopher Guest and has two adopted children, Anne and Thomas.

What are your thoughts on the pressures of child actors/musicians?

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