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The Daily Baby: Nicole Shows Off Baby Harlow, Jessica Opens Up in New Book & more

Check out the first pictures of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden’s daughter Harlow in People magazine, which hits newsstands today. The cover photo looks absolutely adorable, and judging from the mag’s pics of Christina Aguliera and her little Max, Nicole and Harlow’s should also be so cute.

Mom-to-be Jessica Alba is one of the contributors to Ellyn Spragins’ upcoming compilation of essays by female celebs, entitled, “If I’d Known Then.” Jessica, who is often tight-lipped about uber-personal parts of her life, revealed that she was ostracized growing up. In sixth grade, she says, the PTA moms labeled her as promiscuous because she developed her womanly curves at an early age. She said, “The accusation still ricochets…” As for some advice for middle school girls today, Jessica said, “Boys are awful. They are made of nothing but hormones until they’re about 20 or 21 . . . It’s fun to have a crush, but don’t think it’s forever . . . And use birth control and condoms, please.”

Two of Heath Ledger’s doctors are under investigation, as they are believed to have supplied Ledger with two of the drugs –he painkillers Oxycotin and Vicodin — found in his system when he died. Authorities want to know if the drugs were prescribed illegally by the doctors, one of which is located in California, the other in Texas. On the one hand, I think that keeping this case open isn’t a decision that’s sensitive to Heath’s family, who are trying to find closure.
However, maybe greater drug awareness and closer scrutiny of these doctors’ practices will help prevent future tragedies.

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