Holistic Ways to Get Pregnant
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Holistic Ways to Get Pregnant

If you’re having a difficult time conceiving, your doctor may initially suggest turning to Western infertility solutions, like medicine and in vitro fertilization. These aren’t your only alternative. You can use holistic methods to aid in conception as well. When combined with some of the Western alternatives, you may be able to get pregnant faster.


Acupuncture works to treat the whole body. A practitioner would suggest that your fertility problems may be due to energy blockages or a lack of balance within your body. She will place needles in certain energy points in your body, sometimes running electricity through them. This releases the blockage and helps you to become pregnant. It’s important to tell the practitioner that you are seeing her for fertility problems, as placing the needs in certain pressure points could actually prevent you from conceiving.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies can help you to regulate your cycle, which can jump start ovulation to help you conceive. Chasteberry, black cohosh and Siberian ginseng are some of the most common herbs, but you can also purchase fertility blends of these herbs. An herbalist can personalize your herb mix, helping you find the herbs that are right for your specific needs.


In some women, stress can prevent ovulation and conception. Regular yoga practice allows you to take time for yourself, stretch your body and practice deep breathing, all of which can reduce your stress. Attending a class in person is better than following a video, at least initially. Your instructor can help you adjust your body so that you are doing the poses correctly.

Dietary Changes

The foods you eat and drink may play a role in your ability to conceive. Eliminate tobacco, alcohol and caffeine from your diet and you will improve your chances to conceive. A complete dietary overhaul can also improve your chances. Switch to getting most of your calories from plant sources, like beans, fruits and vegetables, along with whole grains, organic whenever possible. If you eat meat, choose varieties that are hormone-free.

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