Recycled Denim Fun
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Recycled Denim Fun

Comfy, cozy jeans are a wardrobe staple for many on-the-go moms. When these go-to garments become worn, there is a crafty alternative to throwing them out. Instead of tossing your tired denim, turn your trusty jeans into an aesthetically pleasing craft project and give them a new lease on life.

Denim Pocket Journal

Gussy up a standard journal, and add a useful pocket, by re-purposing some of your tired denim. To create this craft, purchase a standard theme book with a hard, cardboard cover, in a color of your choice. Clip the back pocket out of your pair of discarded jeans, trimming closely around the pocket. Attach this trimmed pocked to the cover of your notebook with hot glue. Place your favorite pens in the pocket to keep them close at hand whenever the desire to jot something down strikes. To customize the project even further, use puffy paint to decorate the attached pocket or the front of the notebook itself.

Denim Patchwork Bag

Turn an old pile of jeans into an attractive and useful tote. Trim each pair of jeans into denim squares each measuring the same dimensions. Keep in mind that the larger you make the squares, the less time it will take you to assemble your bag. Hand or machine stitch your squares together to create a patchwork sheet of denim. Fold your finished sheet in half, and stitch up the sides to create your bag. To finish to bag, create a lining using a piece of fabric in a hue of your choice and use some of the remaining denim to craft a handle to make your bag easier to tote.

Pocket Wall Organizer

Make organization easier by crafting a pocket wall organizer. To create this craft, purchase a yard of a sturdy fabric, such as canvas. Clip the back pockets off each of your discarded pairs of denims. Lay the pockets out on your piece of canvas, leaving some room between each. Pin the placed pockets down. Machine or hand stitch the pockets onto the canvas, leaving them open at the top. Fold over the top of the canvas approximately 1 inch, and stitch across to create a casing. Slip a dowel rod into this casing, and tie a rope at each end to allow for the hanging of this organizer. Hang your creation on your wall, and tuck odds and ends into each pocket. This craft is great for organizing small objects, such as hair accessories, or creating a tool with which to organize your crafting supplies.

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