Interview 4 Inspiration- Rudy Wietfeldt- Therapist, Speaker, and Author
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Interview 4 Inspiration- Rudy Wietfeldt- Therapist, Speaker, and Author

Interview 4 Inspiration is a series.  Here you will find a sequence of questions answered by inspirational people.  People who have inspired me in one way or another, either through knowing them personally or through their work.   I believe people are the best sources of inspiration; therefore it gives me great pleasure to share a little more about them with you in a series of questions.

Today, I am happy to share with you therapist, speaker, and author Rudy Wietfeldt.  Rudy is the author of The Core of Happiness: Your Step-by-Step, fun-to-Read Guide to Greater Happiness. Guaranteed!

Wanting to share with his children many important life lessons of “what happiness truly is – and what it is truly not” Wietfeldt created a story of happiness and guide to a more meaningful life.  Having faced and overcome incredible losses Rudy shares his philosophy of hope with the world.

Without further ado…

Please Welcome, Rudy Wietfeldt!

Interview 4 Inspiration
Rudy Wietfeldt
Therapist, Speaker and Author of
The Core of Happiness: Your Step-by-Step, fun-to-Read Guide to Greater Happiness. Guaranteed!

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– Rudy Wietfeldt

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

My story began with the obstetrician turning to my mother saying, “Your ‘Caroline’ is a boy!” The story goes that my parents really, really wanted a girl. And I was a pretty cute girl for the first few years of my life – at least according to some relatives. Curiously all of the many photos of me in dresses have mysteriously disappeared. Go figure!

If you want to know more, just go to

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What are you currently focusing your energy on in your life?

My life is divided into work and family life. Within my work life, I have clinical work in psychotherapy via and in Emergency Psychiatry. Then there are book-writing projects, blog writing, video production, speaking engagements, and software development. I have three companies and a gaggle of children to keep me off the streets.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I learned a long time ago that the best way for me to add years to my life was to simply sleep less. So I typically get up between 5 and 6am and do a few hours of writing or editing. Primed with some coffee, I will then do about an hour of exercise – usually treadmill and some weights – before returning to my home office for more writing. Throughout the day I am likely to have a few scattered appointments with individuals in skypotherapy. Add a blog post or two. Email exchanges with colleagues. Meals. Some family time…followed by more editing and writing. I try to go to bed between 1am and 2am because if I get too much sleep I have a tendency of being a bit cranky.

What are your favorite family or solo activities?

Besides debating with Jehovah’s Witnesses at my front door? Family game or movie night probably wins.

When you hear the word happiness what is the first thing that comes to mind?

All my children. No, not the soap opera – I literally mean, all of my children! 

What makes you beautiful?

What makes me beautiful? Dim lighting works best.
Oh! That kind of beautiful! Well, showing compassion and empathy for those suffering makes me beautiful.

What was a favorite activity of yours as a child?

Making others relaxed and happy through laughter. I have always tended to avoid conflict and have typically been seen as the peace maker. And if I am fortunate enough to ever win a pageant, I will tell everyone with pride my goals are to work with retarded sea animals and…to achieve world peace.

If you could get paid to do anything what would it be?

Selling shade in the south pacific. At 6’6”, 220 pounds, it’s about time I get paid to stand around.

What is one area of your life you would like to improve?

Definitely my golf game. Of course, I guess I should start by getting out there and playing some golf!

What is one responsibility you would love for someone else to take over?


Celebrating in life can bring so much joy!  Do you have a favorite holiday you celebrate?

Yes, Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving– all tied for number one!

What favorite tradition have you passed down to your children?

Midnight mass on Christmas Eve followed by singing carols, opening gifts, and drinking egg nog.

Another practical tradition is: Buy low, sell high.

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What is one life lesson you have learned and would like to share with others?

Happiness is a choice. Each moment of each day is a new choice.

How can others best give you support?

I’d certainly appreciate feedback on my work by having people visit the sites and leave questions or comments!

Thank you Rudy for sharing and for spreading hope and happiness!

Recently, I enjoyed listening to a podcast interview of Rudy Wietfeldt with Steven Diamond.  If you have some down time this weekend I encourage you to follow the link below and listen.  There were lots of great messages in the interview to take in.

Also, enjoy a video clip from the Be Happy for Life Seminar

Have a great Friday and weekend friends!  Our big move day is here already.  I’ll be away for a few days but look forward to returning soon!

Find more from Rudy Wietfeldt online here: (*you can download Chapter 1 of the book for free here!)

Be Happy for Life (co-creator) –

Twitter-   @CoreOfHappiness

The Happy Blogger-

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