Let’s Craft: Chalkboard Menu Board
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Let’s Craft: Chalkboard Menu Board

This week’s Wednesday Crafternoon guest bloggers are Mandy Sybrowsky and Jessica Myrup from Little Birdie Secrets. Check out their great tutorial on how to make a cute chalkboard menu:

“I’ve been noticing the fun chalkboard menus ideas everywhere lately, but I’m not very talented at writing with chalk! That’s why I love Chalk Markers — they’re made for restaurant menu boards, but you can find them in the paint section of your local craft store.

I paired them with an old platter and some black vinyl for a faux chalk menu board, perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving or any special occasion!


  • Small platter or tray (I found mine for $.88 at Goodwill!)
  • Spray paint
  • Sandpaper (if your tray has any rust spots)
  • Black vinyl
  • Stylus or ball-point pen
  • Scissors
  • Chalk Ink markers


1. Start with an old tray or platter. Find them on the cheap at thrift stores or free in your own collection!

This one had a few rust spots, so I sanded them off with some sandpaper. Then I gave it a couple of nice coats of antique white spray paint.

2. Cut a piece of black vinyl just larger than the inside of your tray. If you have a recessed part like mine, use a stylus or ball-point pen to trace around the edges. This will be your cutting line.

Cut out the vinyl around the marked edge.

Peel off the sticky backing and stick to it the center of the tray.

Voila! Now it’s time to break out those Chalk Ink markers and create your menu!

I created a spooky Halloween menu and nestled it among my Halloween centerpiece. But it would be darling for a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, too. Bon appetit!


Mandy Sybrowsky is the crafter and Jessica Myrup is the chef behind the Little Birdie Secrets blog. From quilting to card making to baking, they love sharing tips, tricks, and tutorials to make crafting fun and easy. Visit them at www.littlebirdiesecrets.com and find them on Facebook – Little Birdie Secrets


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