Be Responsible for Your Energy
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Be Responsible for Your Energy

One thing I have been really paying attention to lately is my energy and others reactions to it. We solely are responsible for the energy we put out. It wasn’t until recently that I started to truly understand its importance. Just as we need to be responsible for our waste and how we treat the planet that we share, we need to be consciously responsible for our energy.

The light went on for me after working hard to keep my energy positive with my family. I started to notice their typical reactions changing. Especially, when asked to do things they normally would attempt to protest. In fact, with my more positive demeanour I actually had to ask LESS! Who would have thought?

Often we try to control the environment around us, which frequently leads to frustration, disappointment, and sometimes anger. The truth of it is we can only control ourselves. Instead of trying to control everything around us, controlling our thoughts and our energy produces much more positive results. For me that information is gold.

There is a big difference between knowing something and doing something, because if you are not doing it, it is debatable whether or not you really know. This statement is very true for me. I am a big believer that you are what you think; your world is what you think in your mind. When your mind is not positive, why would your environment be?

The biggest most important truth I know is that your negative thought about a situation or person is the actual problem. Yes your thought! Instead of getting frustrated with things or people out of your control, change your thought about it. That is what you can control. Using your energy to control your thoughts instead of others changes everything.

The fact is none of this information means anything if you are not practicing it! This has been an epiphany for me. It is completely logical but for some reason has taken until now to really start practicing it consciously. What I can tell you is this, controlling your thoughts, not your environment and others make for a much more beautiful world!

You are going to get back the energy you put out, so make it good! The next time something starts to irritate you, instead of blaming examine your energy and be responsible for it. That is where your power lies.

It is up to YOU to make your life extraordinary and it starts inside!

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