Get Back at a Cheater: Get Back into Your Body!
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Get Back at a Cheater: Get Back into Your Body!

At first it’s shocking to find out that your partner has been cheating, then real feelings set in: rage, anger, despair, disorientation, and depression.

The rest of the story generally has two outcomes, we either curl into a ball and eat ice cream, staying that way for months, circling the drain, and making ourselves feel worse, or we curl into a ball and eat ice cream for a week then get up and show the world that success is the best revenge!

What are you really trying to repair here?

Answer: Your self – esteem

What is the best way to repair your self-esteem?

Answer: By getting in shape and feeling sexy again.


What you really have going for you in this kind of disaster is a brand new dose of motivation. Take your motivation and your heartache and splurge on yourself in a way that will serve you into the summer. Follow these 5 steps and you will be ready for that sizzling summer fling in as little as 4-8 weeks!

1. Find A Trainer

Find a trainer; even if you can only afford one session every other week. He or she can give you a routine to do and then check back in. If you don’t have a gym or access to a trainer then find a Boot Camp class in a local park.

2.Get a Buddy

Recruit a friend to be a workout buddy- this is good for both of you!

3. Find a Class

Find a class to take 1x a week. Spinning, yoga, boxing, anything that makes you feel good. The workout and the comraderie is what we are going for here.

4. Cardio

Get outside for cardio and go for it! Whether you walk, run, or bike, fresh air is invigorating, is a high calorie burner, and a perfect way to clear your head.


Treat yourself to a haircut- cut off the dead energy even if it’s just those nagging split ends. I promise this feels amazing!

We all go through heartache, rejection and embarrassment at some point in our lives. If you can find a way to better yourself because of it, you won’t be left with regrets. If you chose to better your health and fitness because of it, you will always come out on top- in everybody’s eyes.

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