The Best Home Business Ideas for Moms
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The Best Home Business Ideas for Moms

The best home-based businesses for moms allow for flexible scheduling and the ability to earn a predictable income. Moms who work from home often do so to avoid putting their children in child care and to work around their children’s school and activities schedules. Since many work from home jobs can be scams, finding a legitimate home-based business is essential.

Talent-Based Jobs

Turning your “crafts into cash” by selling them on the Internet is one of the five best work from home jobs, according to “Good Morning America.” If you have a special talent for making handmade goods like jewelry, pottery, bedding or clothing, selling your creations in local boutiques or through Internet-based stores can generate an income. Moms who have musical talent may also be able to earn money from home. Those who have an education or background in singing or playing an instrument may be able to give private lessons from home.

Sales-Based Jobs

Moms looking to earn extra money may wish to get into direct sales. In 2009, more than 1 million individuals worked as direct sales representatives, according to the Direct Selling Association. Direct sales companies like Pampered Chef, Stampin Up and Stella & Dot operate by having representatives sell their products through sales parties, on the Internet and through catalogs for commission. While how much you sell directly impacts your income, for moms looking to make their own schedule and be their own boss, direct selling can be a viable work-from-home opportunity.

Skill-Based Jobs

Translators, web developers and designers, technical support specialists, customer service representatives and medical transcriptionists who work from home have the best work-from-home jobs, according to Moms who have a specialized set of skills gained from experience, education or certification can earn an income working from home. With the advancement of the Internet and telephone-routing technology, companies are now able to save money by outsourcing jobs to work-at-home employees that used to only be able to be done in-house. If working for a company seems unappealing, moms can also work as freelancers by contracting with individual companies to provide specific services.

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