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Dog and Baby Gifting Suite Brings Out Star Moms and Dads

The celebumoms and dads came out for the The Silver Spoon Dog and Baby Gifting Suite at the Hyatt Century City in Los Angeles last weekend. Tori Spelling, Ian Ziering, Samantha Harris, Shar Jackson, Scott Baio, Beverly Mitchell (7th Heaven), Drew Lachey (with his wife Lea), and Jodie Sweetin (Full House) were just some of the attendees.

Tori dropped in with son Liam and husband Dean in tow. The very expectant mother picked up gifts for her new baby, including a Gita Manny diaper bag for husband Dean, who said, “Man, this is an awesome manny bag! I wish I had this when Liam was born.” There was also a bit of a 90210 reunion: Tori Spelling got to introduce her son Liam to his honorary uncle, Ian Ziering, for the first time. Ian ran up to Tori to give her a big hug and congratulate her on her next baby. They caught up over a healthy snack–Nola Ice treats.

Ian wasn’t the only Dancing with the Stars cast member to grace the event. Mom Samantha Harris stopped by the Gita Diaper display and liked the bags so much she switched her old diaper bag with a Gita bag right there, throwing her old one away at the booth. Drew Lachey also left with one of Gita’s manny diaper bags. He said “I also end up carrying my wife’s pink and purple one so I am VERY happy I have a manny diaper bag!”

Actor Scott Baio and his wife also stopped by the event, picking up Lucky Kid togs and Love Me Baby Me products for their newborn daughter, Bailey, who is six months old. Scott effused that “being a Dad is the best thing in the world.” He also grabbed some Homemade Doggy Dinners for his pooch, saying, “the Chicken Jerky Treats and Sweet Paw-tato Chips taste so good.” How does he know? He said he eats them himself! Ugh.

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