GM Recalls Over 150,000 Chevy Cruzes
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GM Recalls Over 150,000 Chevy Cruzes

General Motors is recalling Chevrolet Cruze models built at its Lordstown, Ohio plant to check for possible steering and transmission defects. The automaker says the recall involves 154,122 2011-year models.

This follows a limited recall last month when a consumer reported that the steering wheel actually came off in the driver’s hands. At the time, GM said it believed the problem was an isolated incident.

According to GM, there were no crashes or injuries associated with the recall.

"We think very few vehicles in the population have either issue, but we chose to conduct these inspections to give customers additional peace of mind about the quality of the Cruze," said GM Vice President of Global Quality Terry Woychowski. "I conducted a quality inspection of the Lordstown plant this week, and I am confident we have made the necessary process changes so neither of these conditions happens again."

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