Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids to Make
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Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids to Make

Skip the boxed Valentine’s Day cards this year and help your child make cards at home!

Not only are handmade cards are more personal, but you’ll have a blast making them together. It’s a lot more fun than simply signing their name on a few small pieces of printed cardboard.

And for an extra special treat, dress the cards up with small pieces of candy or trinket such as an eraser or pencil.

Basic Heart

Learning how to draw a heart the quick and easy way is an exciting thing for most children. Have your kids make heart-shaped cards by teaching them how to fold and cut out hearts. Fold a piece of construction paper in half. Starting at the bottom of the crease, draw a half heart. Have the child cut out the paper on both sides, along the half heart shape. Make sure they don’t cut through the crease. Unfold the paper so that it is in the shape of the heart. Have them decorate the card however they like, using markers, crayons, glitter glue or paint.

Stitched Valentines

Help your child cut out several heart or circle shapes from poster board or card stock. Use a hole punch to put holes around the perimeter of the shape. Thread a kid-safe plastic needle with embroidery floss or yarn and tie one end around one of the holes. Have your child pull the needle and thread in and out of the holes, stitching around the shape. Add more colors by using several pieces of thread or yarn. Have them personalize the card by writing a small note in the center.

Collage Cards

Go through some magazines with your child and cut out Valentine’s Day related pictures or any images that catch the eye. Fold a piece of card stock in half. Help them arrange the images on the outside of the card stock in a collage. You may want to cut out letters that spell out “Happy Valentine’s Day” and incorporate those into the collage as well. Then glue the cutouts in place with a glue stick. Let dry, then help them write a special message inside the card.

Pop-Up Cards

Cut a small heart out of construction paper or help a child cut one out. Have them decorate the heart however they like. Help fold a 1-inch strip of paper like an accordion. Glue one end of the strip to the back of the heart and the other to the inside of a folded piece of card stock. Close the card and help the child decorate the front of it. When the card opens, the heart should pop out. You can also fold the heart in half and glue each edge to opposite sides of the inside of the card so that the heart comes forward when the card is opened.

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