Smart Cycle – So SMART!
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Smart Cycle – So SMART!

blog post photoHere is the best of both worlds. Kids get the video game experience they want- moms get their kids to learn and exercise at the same time! This amazing Smart Cycle Extreme by Fisher Price is a stationary bike that doubles as an arcade learning system. 

Plug it into your TV and kids can ride along with their favorite characters who guide them through learning discoveries, games, and even exciting races.  Your little ones can choose from Sponge Bob, Dora The Explorer, Thomas the Train, Scooby Doo and more so whoever they like, they can ride, play, and learn with. There are multiple levels of play for different ages and stages. Super fun for everyone and what a great invention! 

I have a great idea: How great would that be if they made this in the adult addition! I’d love it if I had to ride my way through my favorite TV shows! Maybe I would be at my goal weight… But that’s a whole other story. Definitely a Must-Have.

$89.00 at

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