2 Philosophies 2 Live By
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2 Philosophies 2 Live By

There are 2 major philosophies I try to live my life by.

1. Live Love
2. An Open Heart

It isn’t always easy. In fact, it is another great example of how sometimes “it is easy to be heavy; hard to be light.” Here is what I have learned- when I stay in line with these philosophies, the rewards are endless.

Live Love

There is always a choice that involves love, whether it is love for yourself, love for others, or love for the planet. Always seek that choice. If it is unclear don’t do anything. Avoid making a decision until you find clarity. To find the clarity you must search within. Listen to your heart, and your truth. The best way I know to find this clarity is through meditation. It has worked miraculously in my life.

An Open Heart

First and foremost, living with an open heart creates space. It allows more space for your love to disperse, which in turn comes back to you. More space for love to go out = more space for love to come in.

This is also true with pain. When you are closed the amount of space for the pain to fill is very small and much more powerful. When you are open the pain has lots of room to disperse, and becomes diluted. Would you rather your pain be dispersed into a small glass of water, or an entire ocean?

In being open, include thoughts of yourself. Stop seeing yourself as limited. Instead, see yourself as infinite. After all, you are what you believe. It’s a choice. You can choose to be limited, and in turn your life will be confined, or you can choose to be openly infinite, with possibilities that are indeed boundless. Our universe is infinite. Think of the example of Pi. Embrace that truth and become yourself infinite with an open heart, and an open mind.

The beauty is- it’s your choice!

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