How To Blow Out Eggs
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How To Blow Out Eggs

Decorating blown eggs are a great alternative to hardboiled – mostly because they never go bad!

But how do you get the insides out without cracking those shells wide open?

Don’t fret! Jessie Jane from Lilyshop shared a great tutorial for blowing out eggs, so you’ll have everything you need for all those fun craft projects on Pinterest.


  • Raw eggs
  • 1 hammer
  • An extra thin nail or sewing needle
  • Empty bowl


Place your egg on something stable. I think it’s best to put a paper towel under the egg so it has some cushion. Now line up your needle or nail on the smallest end of the egg.

Now twist your needle or nail until you make a little mark in the shell. You want to create a little crevice in the shell so your nail isn’t sliding all around.

Take your hammer and just barely tap the needle so you make a hole in the shell. (If you don’t have a hammer and nail you can use the edge of a knife and just keep twisting until you make a little hole). Make sure you go all the way through the top shell with the needle. This takes some practice.You make crack a couple eggs! I’m warning you.

You should now have a tiny hole on this small end of the egg. Flip the egg over and do the same with the fat side of the egg. The fattest end of the egg will have a larger hole (this is where the yolk comes out) and the smaller side of the egg (the side you just did) will have a smaller hole (this is where you blow).

To make the hole bigger on the fatter end of the egg, use the hammer to break the shell. Then just keep twisting the nail around to make the hole a little bigger.

Once you have both holes you need to take the nail (or a straightened paper clip) and stir the yolk around inside the egg. This is important because you need ot break up the yolk otherwise you won’t be able to blow it out.

Now for the blowing…

This is the old-school way of blowing out the egg and it’s how I do it every year: put your mouth to the small hole and blow super hard into the egg. The yolk should come out the other end.

HOWEVER, if you don’t want to use your mouth (because of salmonella concerns) you can always use a rubber ear syringe. You know, the one they give you when you have a baby in the hospital? If you have one of these it will make your life easier and you won’t be dizzy afterwards : ) Make sure to wash your egg with water when you are done blowing it out.

Color your eggs like you normally would and now you can keep them for years! You can also blow the raw eggs out after you dye them which is a little easier because then the eggs still sink in your color. Just be careful because the yolk tends to erase the color wherever it touches.

Want to watch Jessie take you through the process step by step? Check out her hilarious video tutorial below:

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