Valentine’s Day Gifts for Daddy
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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Daddy

Each February 14th, children across the country present their father’s with Valentine’s Day gifts to let them know how much they are loved. Helping your child choose the right Valentine’s Day gift for dad is an important task. When choosing a gift, taking your child’s age and her father’s interests into consideration can help ensure you select the right gift.

Handmade Gifts

Making a handmade Valentine’s Day gift can be a good option for children who enjoy arts and crafts. Handmade gifts tend to be cherished and appreciated because of the thought and energy that went into making them. Even the youngest of children can help make a handmade gift. If your child is a baby, consider using red non-toxic ink and stamping her footprints onto a piece of archival paper cut out into the shape of a heart. Frame the heart to complete the gift. For toddler and preschool-age children, help them cut out hearts from various colors of valentine-themed paper. Red, pink and white are appropriate color choices. They can decorate the hearts using stickers, crayons or other embellishments. Using a hole punch, you’ll need to assist the children in making holes in the top of each heart. The hearts can then be strung together using yarn to create a Valentine’s Day necktie. Older children may enjoy making heart-shaped goodies for their dads. Chocolate-wafer candies can be melted and poured into heart-shape molds to make chocolate candy treats.

Photo Gifts

From a T-shirt with your child’s photo on it, to a digitally created Valentine’s Day photo book, there are endless photo gift options that make wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts for dad. If dad is a coffee drinker, consider a coffee mug with your child’s photo and “Happy Valentine’s Day to the World’s Greatest Dad” inscribed on it. A photo of your child holding a large paper cutout heart placed into a heart-shaped frame can make an appropriate gift for a dad who works away from home and sits at a desk all day. While you can order photo gifts from Internet-based photo websites, many local malls have a photo kiosk where gifts can be made while you wait.

Personalized Gifts

For dads who have a special interest, choosing a personalized gift can be a suitable option. For dads who golf, a red hand towel with a love-inspired message from your child embroidered onto it may be a well-received gift. Baseball caps and sweatshirts can also bear embroidered Valentine’s Day messages from his children. For change-collecting dads, a wooden heart-shaped coin holder with a Valentine’s-themed message from the kids engraved on it may be an option. Many cities and towns have specialty stores that engrave and embroider gifts on-site, or you can order personalized gifts from an Internet-based gift shop.

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