Sandra Bullock Fights For Her Stepdaughter
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Sandra Bullock Fights For Her Stepdaughter

Sandra Bullock loves her role as stepmother to her husband Jesse James’ three children.

Everyone involved in raising these children worked extremely well together and couldn’t be happier, said Sandra. She described it as, “… beautiful. It’s like synchronized swimming.” Jesse and Sandra were awarded temporary full-time custody in January 2009 of his daughter Sunny,5. Sunny’s mother is Janine Lindemulder who was incarcerated for 6 months due to tax evasion.


Now that Janine has done her time in jail, she is seeking to regain custody of her daughter but Sandra and James are fighting against it. Court documents on behalf of Jesse state: 
“Good cause exists for the court to conduct a review to determine if [the girl] will be safe with [Lindemulder]. She should be restrained from allowing the child around pornographers, drug addicts, guns and firearms, felons and other unsafe environments.”


Lindemulde was involved with the adult film industry and is now living in a halfway house. Does that qualify as an unsafe environment?

What do you think? Who should get custody?

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