10 Ways to Make Your Date Night Special
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10 Ways to Make Your Date Night Special

A candlelit dinner a deux is always lovely for a date night, but maybe you’re searching for novel ways to celebrate your precious time out with your husband. With that in mind, we found inspiration from author Courtney Cooke’s book, “Create A Date: 52 Romantic, Sexy, and Fun Things to Do Together — suggestions for how to make your night out truly fun and magical.” With fresh date night ideas like these, all you need is a babysitter and a sexy little dress.

A Moonlit Tailgate Picnic:

Find a romantic spot on a secluded beach or in the woods. Open up the back of the station wagon, spread out a beautiful blanket, and set out the crystal champagne flutes and good china. A hurricane candle is another thoughtful touch. Dinner can be a simple split pea soup, kept warm in a thermos, a gourmet deli rotisserie chicken and salad, a crusty French baguette, and a store-bought chocolate cake. Don’t forget your favorite wine – and some mood setting music.

Plan a Second Honeymoon:

Bring a notebook and some glossy travel mags to your favorite exotic dive. Dream about a journey to Spain over tapas and red wine; envision an adventure in Japan over sushi and sake. Then, when you get home, put the pictures on your fridge to remember the night and dream about your (upcoming) vacation.

Go Bowling:

Dress up in 1950s clothes, order beers and fries, and bowl a few games. Cheer for every strike and laugh at every gutter ball.

Recreate Your First Date:

Relive the evening that started it all. If you don’t have the car you drove on your first date, rent one just like it. If you now live in a different place, recreate it as much as you possibly can, for example, watch the movie you first watched together, create the meal you ate…

Movie Date:

Buy popcorn, Raisinets and licorice, and make out like teenagers. Browse the movie listings at retro theaters – maybe you could catch a favorite old flick together. Hold hands when you’re in the theater and pretend you’re young again. Aaaah…

Play Silly Love Games:

After the kids are asleep, break open a favorite bottle of wine, and play Spin the Bottle, Strip Poker or Truth or Dare (just make sure any questions about past loves are off limits!). You could even make your own game by writing questions you’ve always wanted to ask on pieces of paper and putting them in a bowl — these could be saucy to spice things up!

Pick Up Some Love Poems:

You could browse hand in hand and then head to a café to read aloud your favorites, over coffee and dessert.

Reminisce About Your Most Memorable Dates:

While indulging in late-night cake and champagne, look at old photo albums and scrapbooks and recall all the fun you’ve had together. You will remember tons of stories from years gone by, and it will bring you closer together. It definitely beats watching tv!

Private Wine-tasting:

Arrange some gourmet cheeses, crackers, candied walnuts and a beautiful fruit plate on a coffee table. Dim the lights, turn on some soft music and break out some of those special bottles of wine you’ve been meaning to try.

Dance in Your Den:

Pick out your three favorite CD’s from college. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Isley Brothers, New Order or Britney — just make sure it’s danceable. Then shut the den door and create your own disco. If a cocktail or two helps start things moving, go for it!

About the Author

Courtney Cooke is the author of the Create a Date series and other books. To purchase “Create a Date” and other books by Courtney, go to Amazon.com.

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