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Mommywood's Valentine's Day Predictions for the Stars

How will our favorite celebrity parents spend the most romantic night of the year? We¹ve looked into our crystal balls and predicted these candlelit scenes.

Victoria and David Beckham: Last year, the U.K. couple spent Valentine’s Day apart: Victoria was in Los Angeles looking for a house for the couple and their children, who were about to relocate to the West Coast; David was in Madrid playing soccer. A friend of the couple told People magazine last year that Posh and Becks, “had to make do with spending Valentine’s Day on the phone. It was an intercontinental day of love.” This year, the couple has already settled into their new life in Los Angeles, so I think they’ll revel in the whole Hollywood experience like the old Tinseltown pros they have already become. Dinner at someplace high profile and glam, such as The Ivy, Spago, or Mr. Chow? Maybe an evening journey to the recently reopened Griffith Observatory to gaze at the stars, followed by a drive up to the top
of Mulholland Drive, the lovers lane of L.A.?

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry: The genetically-blessed couple and first time parents-to-be are expecting their new baby on Valentine’s Day. Perhaps the couple will pack their bags and spend the day in the hospital‹there¹s nothing more romantic than welcoming a little bundle of joy on cupid’s favorite day! Gabriel could grab Halle one of those V-day teddy bears and red roses from the gift shop. Halle will deliver the best present of all — their baby!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: After a long week of traveling to Jordan and Iraq, Angelina certainly deserves some TLC for V-Day. After all, she’s been spreading love to those in need all over the world. Given that she and Brad were just crowned by romantic gift company Kama Sutra as Hottest Couple, Mommywood thinks the couple that does so much for everyone else should do something nice for each other. I say get a babysitter for the kids and break out the Veuve Cliquot. Unless, of course, Angelina is indeed pregnant, as every gossip rag in the world is reporting. If that’s really true, then Brad should fill up the bathtub and get his woman some chamomile tea. He could pull up a chair and massage Angelina’s globetrotting feet while she soaks. For dinner, New Orleans’ top chef Emeril Lagasse could cook the couple a private meal–perhaps his signature trout a la Meuniere with pine nut and spinach tarts–in the comfort of their French Quarter abode.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin: It’s possible Gwyneth will still be “under the weather” — the “Shakespeare in Love” star was recently hospitalized in New York, some say due to an eating-related disorder. Hopefully, a good hearty meal on Valentine¹s Day with her hubby will do the Oscar winner some good. The London-living couple might want to try Chez Bruce, which just knocked The Ivy from its lofty post as London¹s number one restaurant. While co-owner Bruce Poole, says that his eatery is “not the kind of restaurant where you would expect to see Michelle Pfeiffer, you may well see Gwyneth and Chris there, since they seem to shy away from the limelight. Great food and no paparazzi? Sounds like the perfect combination for a celeb Valentine’s Day date to me.

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden: New dad Joel will be spending Valentine’s Day this year with not only one love of his life, but two! To celebrate, Nicole, Joel, and baby Harlow could head to baby-friendly and very low-key Toast Bakery Café on 3rd in Los Angeles to break out of the endless feeding, sleeping, diaper-changing cycle of new parenthood. Toast has homey and delicious fare–the “not-your-mom’s” grilled cheese is a favorite, and great comfort food for the sleep-deprived parents to nosh on. There’s also a boutique attached to the restaurant, just in case the new parents forget to bring burp cloths.

Britney Spears: Last year around February 14th, the infamous Ms. Spears was spotted at Trashy Lingerie boutique in Hollywood picking up some goodies to enjoy for her then beau, actor-model Issac Cohen. Yes, she brought son Sean Preston on her x-rated excursion. Mommywood predicts that this year Brit will enjoy a nice romantic dinner with her parents, Lynne and Jamie. They’ve been by her side these past two weeks during Britney’s psych ward committal in Los Angeles. Her paparazzo boyfriend, Adnan, will, of course, document the occasion and sell the snapshots to any tabloid that will pay for them.

Which celeb dad hunk would you love to go on a date with this Valentine’s Day? (That is, of course, only if your hubby were unavailable) You can take this funny quiz from an Australian news website to find out who you’re most compatible with. (I got Brad Pitt — yum!)

Do you have any Valentine’s Day plans? Please share with all of us Modern

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