Cat Cora’s Less-Than-Traditional Road to Motherhood
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Cat Cora’s Less-Than-Traditional Road to Motherhood

“Iron Chef America” competitor Cat Cora has taken the less traditional road to motherhood, along with wife Jennifer.

In a revealing interview with “Working Mother,” Cat explains that the couple’s four sons – Nash, 13 months, Thatcher, 17 months, Caje, 3, and Zoran, 6 – all came from a sperm donor.

“The doctor implanted Jennifer and me with each other’s eggs,” Cat, 43, explains. “So she gave birth to Caje, but he’s my biological child. I carried Nash, but he’s Jennifer’s biological child.”

And when it comes to Thatcher, the moms still aren’t sure which one of them is his biological mom. Jennifer was impregnated with two embryos, one her own and one Cora’s. But, Cat reassures us that the couple love all their children equally.

As for having two children so close in age (Nash and Thatcher are just 5 months apart!), Cat reveals that it worked out perfectly.

“We knew we wanted to have four kids,” Cora explains, “She didn’t want to wait, and she got pregnant quickly. After she did, we decided I shouldn’t wait … It would be easier to raise two young babies together, almost as twins. Jennifer could breastfeed for me when I was on the road.”

Well, that’s definitely a plus to having two mommies!

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