You Can Rent Maternity Clothes!
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You Can Rent Maternity Clothes!

Maternity clothes are a pain in the ass – to buy, to wear, the whole deal. Right? Not only is it overpriced, you end up only wearing it for a few months and then you never want to see the clothes again. In fact, at the end of my last pregnancy, I tossed the dresses because they were so worn out, and I was completely sick of seeing them. Well, now, you can rent your maternity wear — from cocktail dresses to casual wear, and including high priced designer items. Would you do it? Here’s how it works…

Sign Up

All you have to do is sign up on and you are eligible to rent a dress for any occasion. The site trusts it’s customers and gives them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to who registers. Once signed up, you can rent up to 6 dresses at a time!

Why Do It?

Besides the above nuisances about maternity wear,’s selection is actually current so you’re not renting things that were in season last year — you are renting real designers from current collections.

How it Works?

Basically, you sign up, order the dresses you want and voila. Basically, you are renting them per week – so it’s roughly $25 a week but if you want a guaranteed new dress with tags, it’s $60. We’re wondering though, $25 a week, $100 a month – would it be more economical to actually buy a dress? That way you have something to show for it. Also, renting a dress you have no control over stains or anything else, and how do you know a dress will fit and look good before renting? The plus side of that of course, is that you can order and if it doesn’t fit you will not be charged for a return shipping fee – you just order another one and they send it.

Would You Rent?

So…would you rent maternity wear? Or is it just money wasted?

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