Blanket Clip
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Blanket Clip

blog post photoHow many times has your baby blanket fallen off your child during a walk and ended up on the dirty floor? I can tell you that this happens to me all the time.  Wind blows, blanket goes, and now it is dirty and germy.  I love this simple and easy way to keep that blanket on your baby or toddler while they are sleeping or relaxing in the stroller or car seat.   Such a great idea and simple concept.

blog post photoBlanky clip “clips” the blanket on to the stroller or car seat so it doesn’t fly off.  Adorable little stuffed animal clips are easy to squeeze and attach to our stroller.  It’s cute, it helps blocks the sun from your baby’s precious face, and it won’t let that blanket slip off your little “kicker.”  They attach on to the side of your stroller, and make a good toy for your toddler to hold when boredom sets in.

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