UPDATE: Rumors Swirl Around Tiger Woods' Accident
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UPDATE: Rumors Swirl Around Tiger Woods' Accident

The good news is that Tiger Woods was released from the hospital and is recovering after his car accident early Friday morning.

But questions surrounding the accident have not been answered. The Florida Highway Patrol reported that the golf pro hit a fire hydrant and then a tree in his neighbor’s yard after pulling out of his driveway at 2:30a.m.

While reports yesterday stated no alcohol was involved, something is definitely a little fishy.

Police Chief Daniel Saylor stated that when they arrived on the scene, Tiger was “laying in the street….. they noticed he had lacerations to his lower and upper lip and blood in his mouth and he was in and out of consciousness.”

People magazine reported that Elin Nordegren, Tiger’s wife, smashed the back windows of the SUV with none other than a golf club to get Tiger out of the car after the accident.

But, TMZ paints another picture. They claim that Tiger’s injuries were sustained before the crash when his wife scratched his face after rumors of his alleged affair with Rachel Uchitel came out. Supposedly Tiger told a friend that his wife freaked out (at 2:00 a.m.) and scratched up his face. He then left the house and she hit his SUV with a golf club, distracting him and causing him to hit the hydrant.

Elin nor Tiger have made any statements, but Elin’s mother told US that “This is a private family matter. I’m praying for everyone and everything to be OK. Please let’s just leave it at that.”

The Highway Patrol are investigating whether the scrapes on Tiger’s face are consistent with injuries sustained from the car crash or from a human perpetrator.

Poor Sam and Charlie, the couple’s two kids.

Sounds like a mystery novel…

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