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Kate Winslet Boasts 'I'm an Excellent Mother'

Did you ever wonder if Kate Winslet was a good mom? Well, now you know… She told Movies.ie “I’m an excellent mother.”

This isn’t as random as it sounds. It turns out she was really angry when Vanity Fair falsely quoted her as saying she spent five months away from her children when she filmed The Reader. She set the record straight by pointing out, “Who the hell is going to go and leave their children for five months? Obviously not me.”

In fact, the filming only lasted 9 weeks and she only left her kids, Mia Honey, 8, and Joe Alfie, 5, for two weeks. Her husband, Sam Mendes, and the kids joined her on location after the two week stretch (the longest she’s ever been away from her crew).

“I would never leave my children for five months, no matter whether they’re 5, 15, or 55.”

Well, I’m not so sure about that…



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