Triple View Vanity Mirror
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Triple View Vanity Mirror

blog post photoI have seen a double makeup mirror before. In fact, I flip mine over each day as I do my make-up.  But, there are times I wish I could see more of my skin in a closer view. That is why I am loving this new TRIPLE 3-in-1 mirror.  It gives a crisp quality image no matter where you look.  One side is a regular mirror which is great for doing your hair or finishing touches on your make-up.  When you flip it over, you have two choices- a 5x and a 12x magnifying mirror.  This is perfect for applying eye makeup, contacts and best of all, tweezing.  It rotates at 360 degrees so it is simple and easy.  The heavy duty plastic stand is clear, so it blends with any bathroom décor.

$24.95 at

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