Celeb Mommy Trend: Stacking Bangles
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Celeb Mommy Trend: Stacking Bangles

Here’s an easy one-question quiz: What is the easiest summer trend that literally anyone can adopt? Answer: Stacking bangles!

Stackable bangles are a super cute, super cheap set of accessories that every girl should own. You can wear them with almost any outfit and here’s the best part: since they’re just a mishmash of bracelets that look cute together, you can swap individual ones out of the set for a different look every time!

Mix and match different colors, textures, and sizes for a stack of bangles that is eye-catching and pretty. The idea is to make it seem like you bought them all together when in reality, you — not the fashion gods at Target or Nordstrom — were the brilliant mastermind behind the look!

Celeb mommies like Kate Hudson, Halle Berry, and Nicole Richie are all sporting these cute bracelets. They are especially cute as compliments to a summertime dress — take a cue from these famous moms and accessorize yourself with stacked bangles this season!

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