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Turn Milk Bottles Into A Valentine’s Day “Table Filled With Love”

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For all of us who love to entertain, Valentine’s Day is truly the most fun. Our creativity can run wild with the colors, the candy
and the crafts.

In this table that we created for ModernMom, we decided to
focus on the glass milk bottles that we love for children’s tables. We used
them infour different ways:

1. Centerpieces

Fill them with festive colored candies like M&M’s or pearl sprinkles. We decided to go a little
more dramatic with our centerpiece and we added the cotton candy. By the way,
the kids LOVED it!!

2. Drinking Glasses

We love milk glass
bottles because they are clear and you can create a fun, colored drink for any
occasion. We also adorned the rim by rubbing it with lime juice and rolling it
in red sprinkles. We filled the glasses with strawberry milk and finished it
with a pink striped straw. This was a big hit!!

3. Take-Aways

Set Sip Serve is all about
cute take-aways. We loved that our take-aways can be used as a centerpiece too.
We tied cute note cards with hearts around the rim and then put the cap on so
the kids left with a great bottle filled with candy.

4. Holders:  Once we started playing with
the glass bottles, we got excited and creative.  We used them for straw,
fork and spoon holders. It was super!

As you can see, we LOVE milk bottles! They are a nice addition to every children’s table.  And, we use them every day too for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Want to re-create this fun and festive table setting in your own home? Visit SetSipServe to find everything you need to se your own beautiful Valentine’s Day table at any budget!

About SetSipServe

Annie & Benton created
SetSipServe because they absolutely love to entertain from afternoon play dates
to formal dinner parties. Just like most of you, they are busy moms, wives, friends
trying to keep up with their hectic life style. Annie brings a different
culture being French Canadian and Benton who is from the South brings a warm
hospitality to their business.

After spending many hours scouring
cookbooks, blogs, Pinterest and watching the food channels, Annie and Benton
realized there needed to be one place, one site where you can find everything
to entertain and create the perfect gathering. They have researched and brought
to you the BEST Style Experts, tastemakers and chefs in the home entertaining

Annie and Benton themselves know that
it can be intimidating to entertain guests.  SetSipServe makes it easy to
accomplish a beautiful table under any budget and prepare a delicious recipe
with ease.  

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