Nick Lachey: We Definitely Want More Kids!
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Nick Lachey: We Definitely Want More Kids!

I love a hands-on dad… a dad that changes diapers, actually knows the baby’s routine and gushes over their little one. So I was thrilled to find that 98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey is just that type of dad!

I talked to Nick about everything from his must-have baby products and his new lullaby album to his TV show and his latest tour. This new dad is like any modern mom, trying to balance career and family. And I have to say he seems to be handling it pretty well.

Working Dad

Nick says that his latest album, A Father’s Lullaby, is the most personal album he has written. He is very proud of it. His nine-month-old son Camden John Lachey was the inspiration behind songs like Father’s Lullaby.  The singer wrote the song for his own father John and his son. I’m not going to lie, I actually cried when I listened to it. The album also features classic songs like “You Are My Sunshine.” The album is great for all new parents out there – seriously, it’s really good.

Lachey is also on tour with his group 98 degrees, as well as New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men. “We are having so much fun. We are 10 days into the tour and having a blast,” he said. However, even with all the “screaming women” as Nick told me his main priority is making sure he isn’t missing any big steps in his son’s Camden’s life:  “Camden got four teeth already during this tour, I would have missed all that.”

How does Nick balance life on the road touring and fatherhood? “When I go to the show Camden is pretty much in bed. We try to keep his routine the same as when we are home.” This means Nick wakes up with him in the morning, feeds him and plays with him. “Mornings are our time together,” he explained.

Nick is also hosting a new show on NBC called The Winner Is, which he described as “The Voice meets Deal or No Deal and has a baby.” The show will premiere on July 11 and air on Thursdays this summer. “This singing show is different than what has been done before” said Nick. “Singers compete in front of an audience of 101 people filled with music lovers, celebrity bloggers, and DJs that will vote on who they think should go on. Before the singers know if they go further, I come in and offer them $10,000 to take the money and go.” The singers have to decide if they have enough faith in their ability to keep going for the grand prize of $1 million.

Modern Dad

Nick and wife Vanessa (former MTV VJ and current Wipeout host) are both hands-on parents.  Camden, who is now very mobile at 9 months, is standing up and crawling – all of those wonderful stages during baby’s first year!

I asked how they felt about having little Camden grow up in the limelight. “We had the discussion on how much exposure is right for Camden. We are proud parents and like to tweet out pictures, and he is on the cover of the Father’s Lullaby,” Nick replied. (His son is soooooooooo cute BTW, I don’t blame him for putting him on the cover).”We don’t want to be scared and worried about paparazzi or live in fear, so putting out the right amount of pictures and finding the balance is important.”

As for how Nick will be spending his first Father’s Day? He’ll be with his son and then later, he’ll perform at a show in Brooklyn. Talk about having to balance career and family!

Sports Dad

Lachey says that his son definitely has a Soccer Dad in his future. We talked about kids and sports a lot, and Nick agreed with many of the points I’ve made in past blogs about the importance of encouraging little ones to be active. Nick played soccer and baseball growing up and ideally wants his son to “dabble in a bunch of sports and decide what he really likes.” He added, “there are so many sports I didn’t get to play as a kid like lacrosse and golf that I would like for my son to try.”

Nick loves professional sports and roots hard for his home teams – MLB Cincinnati’s Reds and NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals. In fact, he paired up with comedian Josh Sneed in a new song for the Cincinnati Red fans. And it is so funny! Titled “Dusty Please Win” is the new battle cry for Red fans for Manager Dusty Baker to bring home the fans a World Series Championship.

The song is a parody of the Kansas’ song “Dust in the Wind” replaced with “Dusty Please Win.”  All the proceeds for the song will benefit the Reds Community Fund. (And don’t worry Reds manager Dusty has listened to the song and finds it funny too!)

YouTube video

I asked Nick some fun questions from fans of Nick and @ModernMom that were submitted via Twitter and Facebook:

What products do you use on your hair?

“My hair? Ha, I have never had compliments on my hair… I am happy that I have hair still that people are talking about. My hair is kind of dense I need to use product to fluff it up. I started to use Defy products and Mitch by Paul Mitchell.”


“If I had to pick I would have to say NFL but MLB is a close second. I love both.”

San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat in the 2013 NBA Finals?

“I would have to go with the Spurs would like to see them win one more.”

Would you ever go on Dancing with the Stars?

“NOOOOOO! I do not dance. My wife Vanessa is a good dancer I could see her on the show one day!”

More Babies?

“Yes we definitely want more. Maybe two or three, we don’t have a set number.”

What is the must have baby item you have to have on you at all times?

“Right now I would have to say, since Camden’s teething, it would be his teething toy!”

Favorite baby product for every new parent?

“We loved the Fisher Price Swing. It was great for Camden when we needed to get things done to put him in it, and he loved it.”

Who makes dinner?

“Vanessa is an amazing cook! I leave that up to her. I might BBQ sometimes but I leave the rest up to her.”

Do you play Fantasy Football?


I have been a big fan of Nick Lachey since he started with 98 Degrees and was on the Newlyweds It was so much fun to talk to him and hear what a down-to-earth, normal family guy he is. A real MODERN DAD!

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