Sandra Bullock's Sis Sets the Record Straight
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Sandra Bullock's Sis Sets the Record Straight

Sandra Bullock‘s little sis is coming to her defense. Gesine Bullock-Prado is shooting down rumors that Sandra spent Easter with her siblings in New England, PEOPLE reports.

Bullock-Prado has her own blog, Confections of a (Closet) Master Baker, where she has been disarming tabloid rumors. It was impossible, she said, for Sandra to be with her during the holiday, since she and her hubby were celebrating Easter and their anniversary together. She adds, “But wait, apparently I’m able to time travel,” given the stories “reported that my husband of eleven years and I took my sister to some inn (which shall remain nameless because they’ve gotten enough free publicity from lying up to now) for Easter dinner.”

Why is she speaking out? Because she is “deadly serious about my family, their privacy and even the most benign fictions printed about them.”

Good for her. I would do the same for my sis in an instant- only I would not be as tactful.

Sandra’s sis’ reports come after Entertainment Tonight noticed Sandra out and about sans wedding ring last week.

Good. Jesse gives me the creeps. Right?

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