Samantha Harris Excited for New Addition to the Family
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Samantha Harris Excited for New Addition to the Family

Samantha Harris announced Tuesday that she is expecting her second child. The ‘Entertainment Tonight’ correspondent and former ‘Dancing with the Stars’ host is already mom to Josselyn, who will be turning 3 in September.

So, what is Samantha, 36, looking forward to with her second child? “Being able to hold and cuddle and have a little baby cuddle against you and fall asleep is such a fleeting moment in time, and I really can’t wait for that again,” she tells People.

“I’m most excited to have a second child to play with Josselyn, to see how Josselyn blossoms as a young girl being able to teach a sibling all that she knows,” Samantha says.

But, Samantha isn’t the only eager one. “[Josselyn is] so excited. She tells me every day the different things she’s gonna teach the new baby.”

At first, Samantha tried to keep the pregnancy hidden from her preschooler, but Josselyn was too smart for that.

“She very instinctually looked at my tummy – because I was definitely popping pretty fast the second time around – and she said, ‘Mommy, you have a baby in your tummy.’ I was sort of caught off guard,” Samantha muses.

When asked about the prospect of more kids in the future, Samantha says, “My husband and I both come from two-child families and I think that’s sort of where we’d like to be, but you never know what the future brings… I think that’s all we’re planning, but again, you can only plan so much in life.” So true!

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