Ways to Go Green for Children
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Ways to Go Green for Children

Green activities teach children to conserve the planet and its resources for themselves and future generations. Helping kids go green shows them that they can make an impact, even as a child. Green habits formed at an early age are more likely to be continued into adulthood. The specific age of the child influences the types of green lifestyle changes that will work the best.

Turn Off the TV

Kids use electronic gadgets — from watching TV to surfing the Internet. Those gadgets also consume a significant amount of electricity, which, in turn, uses nonrenewable resources. Encourage kids to turn off and unplug their electronic gadgets to reduce their energy consumption. Riding bikes, making crafts or playing are suitable alternatives that also keep your children physically active and using their imaginations. Challenge them to reduce energy consumption further by shutting off lights when not in use.

Wash Responsibly

Water conservation is another area for children to address. Reducing water consumption protects the valuable resource that is in limited supply on our planet. Teach kids to shut off the water while they brush their teeth, using the minimum amount needed to wet and rinse the toothbrush. Set a timer for showers to limit the amount of water used. Help kids collect rainwater to wash their outdoor toys and other outside items.


A home garden supplies fresh produce to the family. Your family will be able to enjoy fresh produce all summer long with the garden. You know the food is safe since you had complete control over what went on the plants. Buying produce at the grocery store usually means that the fruits and vegetables were shipped in from far away, resulting in greater fuel consumption and pollution. If you don’t have room for a full garden, try a container garden on the porch or patio.

Repurpose Items

Recycling is a common activity for garbage in the home, but repurposing bigger items is a way to keep items out of the landfills for a greener lifestyle. Many items, such as books and toys, that are in proper condition can be donated to local charity programs. A child might pass on books that she no longer reads to her friend. Buying used items or finding a use for items that others are throwing away is another way to focus on using what is already available rather than buying new all the time.

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