Brittany Murphy Memorial Cancelled
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Brittany Murphy Memorial Cancelled

Not long after Brittany Murphy died, The Brittany Murphy Foundation sent out invitations to an event that was supposed to be a memorial and a charity fundraiser.

According to PEOPLE, the event planning went wrong. Friends were complaining about the event. Then, it was abruptly cancelled because Murphy’s husband, Simon Monjack cited health problems. The foundation states that they will return all donations until their non-profit status is officially approved. The event’s founders were Murphy’s husband and mother.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Monjack stated, “We tried to. I tried to. I haven’t been in a state to do it.”

Murphy’s mother, Sharon, defends Monjack, “The foundation has nothing to do with Simon – it was me. My daughter and I always talked about doing that. It wasn’t Simon. I wanted to be clear about that.” Monjack added, “A lot of people had asked where to donate money to. It was a private foundation at this stage. … It was formed by people for us. That was Sharon’s thing, it was her dream.”

Brittany’s mom and husband had good intentions, but the paperwork and organization was difficult with their daughter’s death so fresh. PEOPLE states that with more time to plan properly, a memorial will probably take place in the upcoming months.

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