Ideas for Decorating a Toddler Girl’s Bedroom
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Ideas for Decorating a Toddler Girl’s Bedroom

Decorate your toddler’s bedroom with colors, a theme and furniture that’s suitable for her now and that can grow with her as time goes on. Updating her nursery into a “big girl’s room” that fits her personality will last longer than the nursery you designed for her. Ask her for input on her bedroom decor, if possible.

Buy Smart Furniture

rabbit-desk-white-01_1When you are picking out furniture, buy multipurpose products that grow with your child. Invest in a changing table that turns into a dresser by removing
the changing pad.  Ace Baby Furniture makes amazing furniture like this new desk that happens to come in adorable animal shapes and actually ‘grows’ with your child. It’s height adjustable so your toddler can use it for drawing and then as she gets older, she can use it as a desk for learning her ABCs.


Decorate your toddler’s bedroom with a princess theme if she enjoys princess fairy tales or likes to dress up like a princess. Her bedroom should include an abundance of pink or purple with soft, feminine accessories everywhere. Paint the walls a soft shade of pink and place white furniture around the room. Alternatively, paint a mural on the wall with a castle and images of her favorite princesses or use peel-and-stick decals that can easily be removed when the decor needs to be updated again. Hang a gauzy canopy over the bed if you desire. Hang her princess costumes on hooks or pegs that are low enough for her to reach so she can play dress-up when she wants to.


Create an indoor garden that she can enjoy year-round if that’s her favorite place. Paint the ceiling and top portion of the walls light blue with some white clouds, the sun and a rainbow. The bottom of the walls can have large grass blades and flowers that are the perfect height for her to enjoy. Add a few butterflies, ladybugs and bumble bees to complete the garden scene. Her headboard can look like a white picket fence and flower-shaped toss pillows will complete the garden theme.

Polka Dots and Stripes

Mix polka dots and stripes for a fun and playful bedroom, particularly when combined with a bright color palette. Combine fuchsia and orange, turquoise and lime green or any bright color mixed with chocolate brown. Paint stripes on the lower portion of the walls under a chair rail or border with polka dots. White or chocolate brown furniture will anchor the bright colors. Striped bedding and round throw pillows will complete the room.

Under the Sea

Incorporate bright, colorful fish, dolphins, mermaids or other sea creatures into an under the sea bedroom. Paint the walls and ceiling a deep blue with a few light blue or white bubbles to look like air bubbles. Paint a small island of rocks with a mermaid sunbathing on the rocks if you want to include mermaids. Opt for a blue fabric-covered headboard if you want something different. Use an aquarium night-light to accessorize the room. Hang a large fishnet in one corner of the room to fill with large, stuffed sea life.


Fill your little girl’s bedroom with some of her favorite animals. Her bed could look like a barn with a farm mural painted on the wall. Paint the ceiling in red and white stripes with a circus animal mural on the walls if she favors circus animals. Paint lush greenery and trees around the room with friendly-looking jungle animals for a safari-themed bedroom. Stuffed animals can occupy floating shelves and stuffed monkeys can hang from the ceiling or artificial trees.

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