Trista Sutter: Family, Fame and Pets!
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Trista Sutter: Family, Fame and Pets!

As the only Bachelorette star that has actually gotten married, Trista Sutter has obviously got her life together. We talked Trista on topics ranging from her kids, her pet lover’s campaign, her fame and how she juggles it all! Read below for her answers and wise advice.

On Keeping Her Life Balanced Between Husband, Kids and Dogs

It’s hard work. I would say I just take things moment by moment
and really try to focus on everyone in the family and give attention
to everybody.

On Favorite Activities with Her Kids

My kids are Max and Blakesley. Max is almost 3 and Blakesly just
recently turned 1. My favorite activities with them would probably be
just walking around the house with Blakesley. She just started walking
independently. It’s the most fun! For her, just to see the smile on
her face. She’s so ecstatic to be doing it on her own. With Max, he’s
totally into riding bikes and going to the skate park. Just being
outside and being active with him, I think is the best.

On That Cute Dog Sitting on Her Lap

In my lap is Tank, my 5 pound Yorkie who I got about 5 years ago as a
surprise gift I got from Ryan. It’s actually my pet tale on the Tales
for the Pet Lover’s Heart website (,
where you can go and vote for your favorite pet tale. Mine isn’t in
the running because I’m not an animal welfare organization, but you
can go there and vote for your favorite pet tale. The winning vote
will get a $50,000 donation from Nestle, Purina and Kroger.

On Supporting the Tales for the Pet Lover’s Heart Campaign

I’ve always been a pet lover. I grew up with dogs and birds
and guinea pigs. I’ve always loved animals, and I think any chance to
give back, people in the public should do so. Nestle, Purina and
Kroger have really done a great job for Tales for the Pet Lover’s
Heart Campaign, and I just wanted to get involved to get the word

On Watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette

Of course, I watch the Bachelor and Bachelorette. I have to.
[laughing] It’s my guilty pleasure. My favorite couples are Jillian
and Ed. I just recently met them and have been talking a lot with
Jillian. Jason and Molly just got married, so I’m so happy for them.
Love them, too. Bob Guiney is still a good friend of ours and Andy
Baldwin. I’m loving a lot of recent people on the show, like Tenley. I
think she is a sweetheart.

On Getting Back in Front of the Camera

We’ve been approached quite a few times to do our own reality show,
and right now it’s not in the cards for us. We want to focus on our
family and not really deal with 24/7 cameras. But if there is an
opportunity, we are never going to say never. We just need to fit it
into our priorities, into our schedule and not really cause much
commotion. If it was more like an in and out kind of thing and not 24/7
cameras, then we’ll consider it.

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