Help With Male Infertility
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Help With Male Infertility

When you and your partner are trying to conceive, your man’s sperm quality comes into play. His lifestyle choices and his exposure to environmental factors can affect sperm quality and his fertility. You can help your partner do all he can to maximize his fertility.

Measures to Take

There has to be enough sperm for a man to be fertile, the quality of the sperm has to be good, and the sperm need to be able to move well, known as motility. Men can take a multivitamin that contains selenium, zinc and folic acid to produce healthy sperm. A diet high in antioxidants that you get in fruits and vegetables is good for sperm. A man should not be stressed out, because that can decrease sexual function. Exercise is good for reproductive health, according to, but not to the point of exhaustion. In that case, sperm quality drops. Maintaining a healthy weight helps sperm quality, too.

What to Avoid

Just as some lifestyle changes can help male fertility, other choices can have a hazardous effect on sperm. Sperm can be vulnerable to environmental factors, such as excessive heat or toxic chemicals. Heavy metals used in industrial work, pesticides and chemicals in solvents can have a negative effect on sperm quality, according to Men can wear protective clothing, a face mask or use adequate ventilation to reduce the risk. Tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs are no friend to sperm; neither are hot tubs, wearing tight underwear and sitting with a laptop for too long. Men should also avoid taking steroids or testosterone supplements.


Bicycling is one activity that may not be good for sperm production. Prolonged cycling, combined with wearing tight bike shorts, can cause genital numbness and can damage nerves and arteries. Men should choose a seat that allows them to sit back properly and should take breaks while biking, ideally after 30 minutes.


Certain medications used to control a chronic condition can interfere with male fertility. High blood pressure medication, inflammatory bowel disease medication and medication used after receiving an organ transplant can affect a man’s sperm. Your partner’s doctor may have some suggestions. If your partner needs to go on chemotherapy drugs or undergo radiation, he might want to save and freeze sperm before starting treatment.

Fertility Specialist

If you have been trying to get pregnant for a year with no success, it is time to see your doctor about getting a semen analysis for your man. Forty percent of the time, fertility problems are because of the man, according to A fertility specialist can diagnose the problems and provide treatments.

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