12 Days of Beauty For The Holidays
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12 Days of Beauty For The Holidays

The 12 days of beauty products that will get you through the Holiday Season…and more!

With the holidays come shopping and more shopping, cooking, traveling and partying! With all that going on, you most likely don’t have the extra time to go from one beauty appointment to the next.

So here are 12 items that can be added to your shopping list to help polish and shine up your look for the holiday season:

1) Sally Hanson nail strips. Easy to use and comes in all sorts of colors and patterns and no drying time!

2) Borghese Fango Active Mud for the face and body. This product will nourish the skin and body and you will be energized and feeling like you had some Spa time.

3) For some smoky glam eyes go for Bobbie Brown shadow palette. The more shimmer the better!

4) Shumera eyelash curler. This is always a makeup artists must have product.

5) Loreal Millions of Lashes mascara (this is my favorite mascara at the moment.)

6) Frownies Forehead Wrinkle treatment. Who needs botox when you could apply these to your forehead and have a good night sleep on top of it?

7) Surgi cream facial hair remover for the upper lip and Surgi cream bikini and leg depilatory cream. This product has never failed me. I have been using it for years.

Tip: to remove cream from the lip, use a wet cotton ball with some soap on it. Gently remove in a circular motion. If you are new to this product, try it in the gentle formula to avoid irritation.

8) Tweezerman slanted tweezers to touch up your brows before applying your makeup.

9) Bumble & Bumble dry shampoo. No time for a shampoo? This is a great alternative to freshen up your hair and help eliminate oil. Choose from blonde, brown or black. 

10) Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil for body and hair. This product helps restore skin and hair providing a layer to combat the damaging effects of wind and cold weather. You will also enjoy the tropical scent.

11) Milena’s Boutique in Los Angeles is one of my favorites for Vanilla Lace Body Butter and some handmade soy candles. Not only does the body butter smell so good it really nourishes the skin and gives a nice glow. (Ladies this is a good one to remember for gifts.)

12) To top off the list, add some sparkle to your Holiday outfit with a piece of Alexis Bittar jewlery. Located in NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco.

….and a partridge in a pear tree.

Happy Holidays!!!

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