Laminate Wood Flooring Cleaning
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Laminate Wood Flooring Cleaning

Laminate flooring offers an affordable alternative to real wood floors and comes in a variety of finishes. Whether you just installed new wood laminate flooring or have had it for years, cleaning the floor covering is a concern. Laminate is generally durable and easier to care for than real wood, but it does need proper care and cleaning.


Like all flooring surfaces, laminate is bound to become dirty from regular living and use. Dirt tracked into the house, drinks spilled and pet hair are just a few of the things that make a laminate floor dirty. Dirt left on the laminate flooring can make it look dull. Proper care of the laminate floors helps maintain the appearance and longevity of the laminate.


A broom, dust mop or vacuum is necessary for daily cleaning. If you use a vacuum on laminate flooring, choose one without a beater bar to avoid damage to the finish. A damp mop is also recommended by the World Floor Covering Association.

Removing Dirt

Daily dirt removal prevents accumulation that could have an abrasive effect on the floor. Sweep or vacuum the floor daily. Spot-sweeping might also need to be done more frequently if someone tracks in dirt or otherwise causes a dry mess. Lift furniture and move it to another location to sweep or vacuum beneath instead of sliding it across the laminate flooring. The attachments of a vacuum allow you to clean better around the edge of the room.

Deep Cleaning

A damp mop allows you to deep clean the laminate if you have dirt or other messes stuck on it. You don’t want the laminate to get too wet as the excess moisture can damage the laminate or make it expand. Specialty floor cleaner made for laminate flooring is a possibility if you need additional cleaning power. Wipe the floor dry after damp mopping to remove any moisture before it soaks into the flooring.


The durable surface of laminate won’t hold up to steel wool, abrasive cleaners or other scouring products. The World Floor Covering Association also warns against using soap-based detergents, polish or wax on wood laminate flooring. Sanding or refinishing laminate flooring is not an option either.

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