Decorating Ideas for a Small Home
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Decorating Ideas for a Small Home

A small home presents decorating and storage challenges, but there are plenty of options for a stylish look. Several options work well for any small home with slight modifications fit your available space. Combining style with functionality in the form of decorative storage or shelving solves both decorating and storage problems in a small home.

Decorative Storage

Small homes often lack enough space to store items. Decorative storage options add aesthetic value to the home while serving the functional storage purpose. Decorative baskets work well in nearly any room. You can place baskets directly on the floor, on top of tables, on shelves or other surfaces. If surface space is limited, purchase hanging baskets that you can mount onto the wall. Another option is to use a plant hook in the ceiling, allowing the baskets to hang down.


Mirrors offer a decorative option that makes a small room feel larger. The reflection in the mirror gives the illusion of a deeper room, making the overall space feel more open. HGTV recommends placing a mirror opposite a piece of artwork or display that you really enjoy.

Floor-to-Ceiling Shelves

A blank wall presents the opportunity to create a custom display piece and focal point of the room. Floor-to-ceiling shelves or built-in displays make a dramatic statement in a room. Vary the height of the shelves for more visual interest. The full-wall shelving unit creates a large storage area for all the room’s necessities. For smaller items, add decorative baskets or canvas totes on the shelves. Add in a mixture of books, baskets, decorative pieces and other items for an eclectic display.

If you have an empty corner in a room and nothing to fit in it, HGTV suggests building a built-in corner cabinet for the space. You can leave some shelves open and put a door on part of the shelving for additional storage.


A lighted space makes the room feel larger and more open. Take advantage of natural light in a small home by opening the blinds or covering them with sheer curtains. A combination of overhead lighting and lamps around the room helps avoid any dark areas. Recessed lighting around the ceiling spreads out the light from above, while floor, table or wall lamps provide lower light to open up the space.

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