How to Beat the Holiday Binge (and Bulge)
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How to Beat the Holiday Binge (and Bulge)

The eating season is in full swing – bringing joy for some and stress for others.

Many of us experience anxiety during the holidays, as each new day brings a different treat in the break room and each weekend is filled with get-togethers that revolve around the most decadent food. 

Not to mention running the gauntlet of goodies that line the supermarket shelves – chocolate drizzled kettle corn and sea salt caramel chocolates… really? It’s hard to resist.

We all cave at one point or another, so here are my favorite tips to help you beat the binge. And the best part – these tips allow you to enjoy the holiday food and still feel good about yourself!

Holiday Tips For Fit Chicks:

1. Fit chicks don’t skip meals to “save” calories for a party. If you do this, you’re more likely to eat everything in sight once you arrive, as you are starving.

2. Fit chicks wear snug clothes to any type of holiday gathering. Trust me, you are way less likely to overeat if your clothes are snug. First of all it is uncomfortable, and second of all it is a constant reminder to watch your portions.

3. Fit chicks keep one hand busy at holiday gatherings. While you are standing around, hold a drink in your dominant hand. This makes it harder to grab food.

4. Fit chicks cut back on the “extras” if they really don’t add too much enjoyment. You decide what that means be for you: Butter, whipped cream, gravy, mayo, dip.

5. Fit chicks skip the every day stuff. Don’t waste your calories on food that you can eat every day. Indulge in the egg nog or pumpkin cheesecake… the foods that you may only see once a year.

6. Fit chicks alternate alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic beverages (like a ZERO CALORIE seltzer water – also see trick #3 above)

7. Fit chicks pop a piece of gum in their mouth and wait around 20 minutes before jumping right into the buffet line. This gives you time to strategize and be very mindful about your choices and figure out your trade-offs and compromises.

8. Fit chicks ask one key question. The key question to ask yourself is “how do I want to feel”? If you are constantly asking yourself this, it will guide you when choosing what and how much you eat. The choices you make will determine how you feel later.

Remember, nothing tastes as good as fit and healthy feels!

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