Why is Everyone Rooting for Tim Tebow to Fail?
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Why is Everyone Rooting for Tim Tebow to Fail?

Why are people spending so much time dissing Tim Tebow? It makes me really angry. What is wrong with this world? Don’t they have better things to do, like help stop child-abuse, than attack a man for his faith.

I grew up with a dad completely obsessed with sports. Today, he is 80 years young and still obsessed with sports. But to my husband’s despair, I rather read my Kindle while he watches the big game. He has tried for years to spark my interest in football, yet the only time I pay attention is when there is a story about an athlete giving back, or visiting sick kids or recovering from an illness…you get the gist.

That changed recently, with all the headlines about child abuse in the sports world: Penn State, Syracuse and oh so many more, my husband got his wish… I am now completely and utterly interested in sports. Of course, this isn’t exacty the way he wanted it to happen. As the co-founder of KidSafe Foundation (a 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is to provide education to prevent child-abuse), he would love for me to have “time off” and “unplug” when I come home. But now with the national headlines of child abuse scrolling on every sports show – what was once my husband’s way to decompress and relax from his own work day is now a constant reminder of the worst in this world.

So how does all this relate to Tim Tebow?

Now that I am interested in sports, Tim Tebow has caught my eye. And it’s not for his looks, but for his attitude. Although I am Jewish, his sense of himself and his religion is inspiring. I admire his belief in his teammates’ talents and his desire to lift them up when they are down, to come in during the 4th quarter and play like he has never played before. But these qualities have brought the haters like moths to a flame.

Why do people dislike him? Why do people love to beat him down? Now I don’t know Tim Tebow – but my husband has talked about his talents for years and really wanted him to get drafted to the NFL. And I find myself rooting for him too. Not just for his athleticism (which by now even the haters are realizing) but his utter belief in the good in people. And for his work to be the best he can be on and OFF the field.

Tebow is giving back because he has so much, when he clearly could be a “player” in the limelight, partying with stars, dating models and getting into trouble. He is not! In my eyes as a parent, he is a great sports role model for my son, at a time when role models in the sports world are disappearing.

I can’t comprehend how many people want to see him fail. I can’t believe what is said and written about him negatively. Why is it that people are looking to knock him down? This is the type of person we want our children to be looking up to. So to me, all these negative people are what is wrong with this world.

As a society, we too often look up to actors, athletes and coaches who do nothing to improve the world and look down on the ones who do. Maybe we can all learn a little something from Tim Tebow. 

Tebow, don’t let me down!

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