Get Creative! Unconventional Mom Work-Out Spaces
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Get Creative! Unconventional Mom Work-Out Spaces

Staying active during the holidays and always…..

After a long four hour car ride from LA to Las Vegas solo with all three of my girls, it goes without saying that we ALL were in desperate need of some exercise. 

Since it was a bit on the chilly side, a long hike was out of the question so I got on my phone and quickly looked for the nearest indoor play area.  I found a wonderful spot called Kinderland and we made our way. 

The girls were more than happy just to be out of the car and stretching their legs, running all around the inside, down the slides, throwing balls and doing somersaults.  I needed to move just as much as they did so I began my quest to do an indoor mommy workout at the play area. 

I quickly found a big bouncy ball the size of a stability ball and went up to the wall and began doing sit ups. And so began my indoor play area workout routine. Here it is:

1. Stability ball crunches (3 sets of 30)

2. Wall squats – hold for 30 seconds (or until failure) 3 times

3. Plank – I had my oldest daughter count to 60, she said she did speed counting, so it was only 50 😉

4. Lower back – with stomach on stability ball, put feet against the wall and do a reverse sit up, squeezing your lower back (hold for 60 seconds)

5. Bicycle crunches on the floor – 1 minute

6. Walking lunges down the length of the room (2x’s) 

I did this whole thing two times through and then (as best I could in my a little-too-tight skinny jeans) did stretches.  I can’t tell you how much better I felt after this!

The owner actually approached me about wanting to start mom workout classes on site!

The moral of the story: Get out there and move, don’t be afraid that people will think you’re crazy. They are actually thinking how awesome you are for making good use of your time!!

After we bundled up, instead of packing the kids in the car to drive to dinner, we walked three blocks to Chipotle.

Happy Holidays!

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