Child Window Safety
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Child Window Safety

Before having children, your home probably seemed safe, but now that you have added a child to the family, you have new concerns. Childproofing a home covers many aspects, including the windows. Whether you live in a one-story home or on the top floor of a large apartment building, home windows present serious dangers for kids.


The window area of a home presents several dangers for young children. An open window leaves a child susceptible to falling out. Even a fall from a first floor window can cause serious injury to children. Screens are not enough to hold the weight of a child. Window blinds also present a risk. Any dangling cords present the risk of strangulation.


Observing window safety techniques increases the overall safety of the home, particularly the child’s bedroom where he might be left unattended during periods of the day. Identifying and acknowledging the dangers reduces the risk of either falling out the window or becoming entangled in the cords.


The way you use the windows can increase the safety for your children. Many newer windows have stops installed that prevent the window from going up more than a few inches to prevent a child from getting out. Another option for some windows is to open them down from the top so the open area is out of your child’s reach. The arrangement of the furniture also affects window safety. Keep furniture away from the window, as your child can climb up onto the furniture and accidentally fall out the window.

For blinds, cut any loops that hang down to prevent strangulation. You can also wind up the cord and place it out of your child’s reach.

Safety Gear

Safety gear for windows adds another layer of protection against falls. If your window doesn’t already have stops, you can purchase some and add them to your windows. Window guards are another option. The guards screw into the window frame with gaps no more than 4 inches. The window guards are tightened enough to hold a small child but not so tight that you cannot remove them in an emergency.

Car Window Safety

While indoor windows are often the focus of childproofing, vehicle windows also present a risk for children. Power windows can result in a child’s head or neck being trapped if the child accidentally closes the window on himself. If the neck is caught in the window, the child could choke. Engage the window lock function all the time to avoid accidents.

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