Crystal Bowersox Sad to Separate from Her Baby
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Crystal Bowersox Sad to Separate from Her Baby

American Idol runner-up Crystal Bowersox, 24, is preparing to go on tour – without her 17-month old son, Tony.

“My son will be with family and friends. No matter where he is, he’ll be well taken care of and loved,” she tells Parade Magazine. “And his Mama’s gonna miss the crap out of him!”

Thanks to modern technology, Crystal can stay in touch with Tony, at least. “I just discovered Skype! So, he and I will definitely be Skyping!” she reveals. “Tony is getting the hang of how to use the phone. He can’t have a full conversation yet, but he knows it’s Mama.”

Crystal mentions how Tony is all about the music, just like his mama. His favorite toys are musical instruments like the keyboard and baby bongos. His love of instruments is not surprising considering he has been around music since before he was born. “I played gigs up until he was born. I had to put my guitar off to the side a little bit because my belly was too big to have my guitar hanging in front of me,” Crystal reveals. 

Hopefully, Tony inherits his mom’s talented singing voice, too!

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