5 Instant Ways to Beat the Heat Without AC
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5 Instant Ways to Beat the Heat Without AC

With heat waves so common this time of year, everyone is looking for ways to cool down. Turning up the air conditioning will definitely do the trick, but unfortunately, not everyone can do that. Whether you’re trying to lower your bills, save energy, or don’t have AC to begin with, here are 5 instant ways to stay cool and beat the stifling summer heat:

1. Close Your Windows

Common misconception: keeping your windows open during the day will cool down your home. Instead, it actually heats up your home. Open your windows at night if the air outside is cool. Close your windows, shades and/or blinds, before the sun hits your windows in the morning. The cool night’s air will circulate the room instead of the sun’s heat.

2. Eat a Cold Meal

On a hot day, eating cold food will lower your internal body temperature. A cold gazpacho, tuna pasta salad (pasta, tuna, mayo, chopped vegges) or Israeli salad (chopped tomatoes, chopped cucumbers, onion, olive oil, lemon and salt and pepper) are some great options. For a snack, try sucking on a popsicle!

3. Go Swimming or Take a Cold Shower

It may be obvious, but we’re saying it anyway: immerse yourself in cold water to cool down. Want an even quicker solution? Take an ice cube and rub it on the inside of your wrists. Since your blood vessels are very close to the skin in that area, you’ll feel cooler almost instantly.

4. Turn Off the Lights

Incandescent light bulbs produce not only a lot of light but a lot of heat. Energy Star-rated light bulbs produce up to 75% less heat. Consider this the next time you replace your light bulbs. Besides cooling you down, shutting off lights that you don’t need saves energy and money!

5. Use a Fan…the Right Way

If you have a ceiling fan, make sure the blades are in the right direction. Ceiling fans can also be used in winter to create an updraft. But in the summer, you should feel a breeze blowing down on you. If you are using a desk fan, place it directly in front of you and attach a spritz bottle of water. On the go? Bring along a mini personal fan – with spritzer!

More Permanent Solutions

While these tips will cool you down almost instantly, you may want a more permanent solution to beating the heat without having to resort to AC. One thing you can do is install attic insulation to keep the cool air in your home from escaping through the ceiling. If you do end up using central air, make sure to seal ducts, especially at vents, where you could be losing up a lot of cooled air. Another thing you can do is put up awnings to cut down on the heat from the sun’s rays that your home absorbs.

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