Amy Adams Dishes on Marriage
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Amy Adams Dishes on Marriage

The adorable red-headed actress Amy Adams opened up to OK! Magazine before the premier of her new movie, Leap Year, at NYC’s Directors Guild of America Theater.

After her fiancé, Daren Le Gallo kissed a very pregnant Adams for the cameras, she explained how he, “put a ring on it.” “He had come into town, and planned a very romantic dinner. He had a whole proposal in mind, and I wanted to go see a play, so he had to improvise. He did a great job.”

The couple met in a 2001 acting class and became engaged to be married in 2008.

OK! asked Adams what her thoughts were on a woman proposing to a man (as her character in Leap Year intends to do). “I think it depends on the relationship,” she explained. “If the guy’s pretty laidback about it, then absolutely they should go ahead and propose. But I know my guy is a perfectionist — and he was gonna propose.”

Adams’ costar in the movie, Matthew Goode, gushed about what a wonderful mom Adams will be. “Most Hollywood kids turn out to be crack addicts and idiots. No, she’ll be great. She’s got a lovely future husband who is really supportive. She and Darren will be fine. She comes from a big family as well, so it will be easy.”

What are your thoughts on women proposing to men? Have we moved past tradition? Or is it still all about chivalry?

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