Roger Federer’s 16th Grand Slam Win “Enhanced” by Fatherhood
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Roger Federer’s 16th Grand Slam Win “Enhanced” by Fatherhood

Roger Federer recently won his 4th Australian Open and 16th Grand Slam title. Federer defeated Andy Murray in three straight sets for the win. During the award ceremony, he stated, “I’m over the moon at winning again. I think I played some of my best tennis again of my life these last two weeks.”

What made this victory even sweeter for him?  Sharing it with his children! Federer is married with 6-month-old twins.

“I’m excited about life, and there is not only tennis,” he said. “Having kids and being a father now and being married enhances everything. I’m such a happy person today to see how well everything is working out for me. It just makes me extremely happy, extremely relaxed and it allows me to play good tennis, and I couldn’t ask for more.”

When he returned home from his victory, one of his twins was awake. He recounted the moment for the press. “I quickly was able to see her, even though she’s got obviously no clue what’s happened. She couldn’t care less, but I still felt it was a special moment to hold her in my hands, in my arm after what happened, and it was nice. I read the papers here in Australia and went to bed, extremely tired.”

Federer is a very loving and dedicated father. According to ESPN, his wife, Mirka, and his twin girls travel with him. He says that he has not spent a night away from Myla and Charlene since their July 29, 2009 birth.

Federer won’t be giving up his crown as the king of tennis for quite a while. He said he feels better and fitter now than he felt after his 2004 win.

It sounds like he is balancing his family life and tennis life quite nicely. Good for him!

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