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Countdown to Clarity!

 From Chaos to Clarity in 5 Quick Steps: 

Motherhood and chaos can frequently go hand in hand, especially when coupled with a business.  We live full, very busy lives and sometimes we get to a point where it just needs to stop! You know your limit. When you feel like you’ve been chasing things that never got accomplished, interruptions keep happening, your schedule and routine have been thrown off it’s time to regroup and “Countdown to Clarity!”


  1. Take a break. Go for a walk, run, yoga, spin class…anything that makes you feel good. Let go of the chaos and stress in this exercise.
  1. Allow yourself 45 minutes to an hour to simply move, breathe, think, reflect and let go.

      Start by taking some deep breaths and with each exhale let go of a problem or annoyance.  Think about a solution that will work and know that you will implement it shortly. Visualize the issue as you inhale and visualize it leaving your head as you exhale. Keep breathing deeply and slowly until you have cleared your mind.

3. You will have a new calmness and clarity that allows you to re-focus.

2. Write down your goals for the next few days. Use this checklist to keep things in order. Make boundaries and allow yourself the luxury of making time for you. When things have gotten out of hand, it’s important to empty your cup fully before refilling. 

1. Mindfully move forward as you  re-enter all of your roles.


Clarity will allow to accomplish so much more in a day! You will feel more energetic, patient and willing to give of yourself.  Every few days (or daily!) if things get out of control, find your own ritual to “Countdown to Clarity” so that you let go of what is no longer serving you and welcome in new opportunities.

 With clarity comes the comfort of an open mind and open heart.  

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